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Why A Popcorn Machine Rental Is A Popular Trend

Popcorn – a snack that dates back to the very roots of America. Once a food popped in heated sand by the Native Americans, now it is tough to imagine life without popcorn. From its humble origins, it has turned out to be synonymous with movies & theatres, and has even become a convenient food popped in microwave ovens.

Native Americans relished popcorn centuries back, but it wasn’t until 1893 that Charles Cretors originated the 1st effortlessly movable popcorn machine for popping seeds of corn in oil. Today, you can easily bring all the fun that popcorn has to offer to your next event, whether it’s a birthday bash or a reception ceremony, by simply looking for a popcorn machine rental in New Orleans, LA. Listed below are some of the reasons why a popcorn machine rental is so popular these days:

It’s entertaining: When the seed of corn heats, the humidity in them turns to steam & persists to get bigger until the seed finally pops. Seeing the corn pop inside a popcorn machine will not just entertain the observers, but also whet their hunger to enjoy a serving or two.

It’s tasty: Buttered & caramel popcorn made in a popcorn machine always taste wonderful. Yet, those who like something more epicure may acknowledge seasoning bar that lets them to crown their popcorn with a range of seasonings, like seasoning salt, parmesan cheese, herbs or a dry taco seasoning blend.

It’s profitable: A popcorn machine rental in New Orleans, LA is a profitable affair, as it gives you good return on your investment even after paying for the cost of supplies, foods and the rental itself.

Fats & easy to carry: As popcorn machines are portable in nature, you can ship, set up and start using a machine in no time at all. Above all, you can make loads of popcorn inside as little as 4 minutes.

Looking for an affordable popcorn machine rental in New Orleans, LA? Look no further than Dream World Party Rental. We are a leading rental service for popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, sno-ball machine, frozen drink machine, hot dog machines and any other machine that you probably need for your upcoming event. For any help, feel free to get in touch with us at (504) 578-6728.

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